Veganism is Rock n’ Roll

I hope you already know, veganism is cool.  If you don’t know yet, great! I’ve got a whole website set up to help you come to the realization.

Did you also know that veganism is rock n’ roll? Yes. It’s true.

tenor (2)
this kitty knows what’s poppin’

Veganism is as rock n’ roll as it gets. Nothing is more rock n’ roll than sticking it to societal standards of living.

Nothing sticks it more to societal standards of living than veganism.

Ergo nothing is more rock n’ roll than veganism? Hmm…

Society says you’d be cooler if you wore a leather jacket, I say it’s 2018 and we shouldn’t be wearing another species’ skin for fashion. We are not Buffalo Bill.

tenor (7)Society says that you’d be living your best life behind a plate of unlimited chicken wings. I say leave the wings on the chickens!

Omg Natalie, you say, stop being so intensely vegan!


I am not sorry and I will not stop.

But I do understand.  I have a few articles of clothing and accessories that are leather. I will keep them till I’m dead and pass them to my children as a reminder of what kind of world we lived in back when I was young…

They are relics in my eyes already.

I don’t wear them unless I need to. I need my leather jacket when I’m longboarding so I don’t skin myself if I have a bad wipe out.  One day when I’m wealthy I will have a vegan alternative that is equally badass, but extra things in landfills is not cool(vegan); I’m not about to throw away my belongings because my views have fundamentally shifted and I would NEVER buy those products new again.

I also used to eat loads of chicken wings and wash them down with chocolate milk.  Quelle Horreur! You live and learn. I put that type of behaviour in my ‘never again’ bucket.

tenor (5)
Dylan Moran in Black Books 🖤

Anyway, all the things that we were raised with (I’m 25) hamburgers, milkshakes, cheese in general, sure it can be fun. But it’s time to grow up.

That is not your best life. Your best life is a vegan one. Have you ever had an almond milkshake? It’s freaking delicious. The almonds don’t even mind when we milk them. Also veggie burgers have come a LONG way since their original inception and I promise that you are not missing a thing by missing out on a dead animal’s flesh. There’s a reason the Standard American Diet, is SAD.  It really couldn’t have been more aptly named.

The Standard American Diet touts products of pain and misery, it creates diseases in the body that are maintained by big Pharma.  The government would love us, all of us, to live out our lives in a prescription medicated state of ‘health’ while eating processed food that is poisoning our bodies and our earth. Our ‘health care system’ is not a health care system, it is a disease care system.

We breed an immeasurable amount of both land and sea animals into existence just so that we can eat them. It’s gross. Yet the finished products have been packaged super appetizingly.

It’s a lie. It’s a big fat lie and it makes me so angry.

Time to go vegan!

I found some musicians that vent their vegan rage in songs. They, like me, know that veganism is rock n’ roll. Nothing would make me happier if you, my beloved reader, had a vegan burger after reading this while listening to this awesome music. Deal?

Actually… the one thing that would make me happier than that would be if you commented on this article with a photo of your vegan burg! Please share this article and spread the love around! Rock on and peace out.

-Cool Vegan

  • Steven Patrick Morrissey (Morrissey and the Smiths)
  • Justice Tripp of Trapped Under Ice
  • Rob Zombie
  • Yolandi Visser (die Antwoord)
  • Vanessa Williams
  • Tony Kanal (No Doubt’s bass player)


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