How are you? It’s good to be with you. Did you make vegan choices today?

If you didn’t, did you consider the animal you ate? Oh, you say you didn’t eat them; you only ate their bodily secretions. They had a nice life and/or they are still having a nice life?

Well, that’s not as bad, you are right. 

It’s still bad though, bear with me and I’ll explain why.

The animal in question is still treated as property. Some very cool people, called abolitionist vegans, (me 🙋🏼‍♀️) believe all sentient beings, human or nonhuman, have the one right basic right not to be treated as the property of others. There is a victim in every non-vegan decision we make. What about dogs? I know right. I’ll get to that.

scott pilgrim vs the world vegan GIF

“They have a nice life and we only want the cheese! We don’t even kill them! Give us a break OMG” – Well Meaning Dairy Enthusiasts

I promise it’s better to make more vegan decisions. For your health, for the planet, and most importantly for the animals. Try it. Please.

You’re already making vegan decisions?? That’s wonderful!! I’m so proud of you! Compassion looks good on you. It looks cool. The world can use more cool people. More Cool Vegans.lisa simpson GIF

I know life is hard sometimes. I know that when you start to look at the world with vegan eyes, it hurts. It can be so heavy and so sad. There is so much suffering in this world and some very good people contribute to it daily, thoughtlessly, continuously.

I love some of these people, these pre-vegans, so much! I love you so much! I have to shake off all the dark thoughts and remember to feel blessed instead of hopeless. I feel powerful when I remember that I’m capable of influencing these pre-vegans to become vegans for the rest of their lives, if I do this thing right.

My eyes are open and I can share the truth with everyone! Some people might even want to change their thought process because of me. You might even change your thought process because of me. That is a beautiful thing and I am blessed to be a part of it. I’m so lucky! Thank you, if I can change even one thought of yours today to a vegan thought, that would be really cool.

I know most people love animals. I believe the majority of people are already vegan in their hearts. If you didn’t make vegan choices today, don’t be hard on yourself. We live in a world powered by some very backward ideas. Cruel ideologies which are easy not to question. It’s easy to not be vegan. 

It is worth it to be vegan. So in closing, eat a piece of fruit, you piece of shit.


Published by natal1edav1s

I like to write; so hopefully you find what I've written here interesting and useful, whether you practice veganism or not (yet). 😉 If I'm not writing on Cool Vegan, I am hanging out with my dog or working in the fitness industry. I aim to be a garden designer after university and help make people's beautiful dreams become verdant reality!

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