Quarantine Musings

You know that feeling when you’re feeling really good about yourself and you are getting up early and you are making money and you are making things happen? Things are moving forward! You’ve taken back charge of your life! And then a global pandemic happens?

The Global Pause.

I know what that’s like. The silence after an earthquake. Where revolution happens, the birth of new things. I don’t want another quarantine.

So I don’t eat any animals today.

I don’t wear them on my body.

I don’t test them for my beauty.

I let them be.

You should try it. I bet they who ate that bat are thinking twice if taste was worth it when the planet shut down and people are dying. Too many to bury. So easily avoided!

COVID -19 wouldn’t exist in a vegan world, in case you hadn’t thought about it.

What are we really giving up here?


I hope you make vegan choices today. I for one have, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I eat life! All the colours of the rainbow. None of the decay. Wouldn’t it be better to have a garden? Nicer than a slaughterhouse, I imagine.

Something to think about.


Natalie 💛

p.s. GO VEGAN! 👩🏼‍🌾

Published by natal1edav1s

I like to write; so hopefully you find what I've written here interesting and useful, whether you practice veganism or not (yet). 😉 If I'm not writing on Cool Vegan, I am hanging out with my dog or working in the fitness industry. I aim to be a garden designer after university and help make people's beautiful dreams become verdant reality!

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